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Diamond, Silver and Gold Swirl Necklace
Natural Pearl and Gold Cross Pendant/Brooch
Carved Citrine Intaglio and Gold Hand Seal - “Catti ad bellum”
Moonstone, Sapphire and Gold Brooch
Jubilee Enamel, Diamond, Pearl, Gold and Silver Brooch
Gold Locket Bracelet with Five Compartments
Bloodstone, Diamond, Gold and Silver Pendant Watch
Bloodstone, Ruby, Pearl, Onyx and Gold Blackamoor Seal
Etruscan Revival Coral and Gold Brooch
Carved Coral Cameo, Coral and Gold Brooch
Georgian Cushion-Cut Diamond, Silver and Gold Brooch
Hexagonal Amethyst, Gold and Pearl Pendant
Carved Moonstone Cameo, Amethyst, Pearl and Gold Necklace
Swiss Enamel and Gold Brooch
Swiss Enamel and Gold Earrings
Magnificent Carved Gold Vase with Rococo Horned Figures and Swags of Leaves and Flowers

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