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Coral, Onyx, Diamond and Platinum Ring
Fine Jade, Calibré Ruby, Diamond and Platinum Ring
High-Karat Handwrought Gold Wedding Band
Star Ruby, Diamond and Gold Cluster Ring
Diamond and Platinum West Point Betrothal Ring
Diamond and Gold Cufflink and Stud Set
Gold Curvex Watch
Reverse Crystal Intaglio and Gold Game Bird Cufflinks
Sugarloaf-Cut Lapis Lazuli and Gold Cufflinks
Carnelian and Gold Cufflinks
Gold Cigar Cutter
Gold Open Faced Dress Watch
Lapis Lazuli, Gold and Engine Turned Platinum Cufflink and Stud Set
Gold Watch Lighter
Lapis Lazuli, Diamond, Gold and Platinum Complete  Stud, Cufflink and Vest Button Set
Malachite, Natural Pearl and Gold Cufflinks
Amethyst and Gold Cufflinks
Lapis Lazuli, Enamel, Pearl, Diamond, Gold and Platinum Pocket Watch
Cushion-Cut Tourmaline, Citrine, Amethyst, and Gold Cufflinks
Diamond and Gold Barbell Cufflinks

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