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Star Ruby, Diamond and Gold Cluster Ring
Etruscan Revival Necklace, Gold and Enamel. Magnificent!
Citrine, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Garnet, Beryl, Topaz, Natural Pearl, Enamel and Gold Pendant/Brooch
Gold and Swiss Enamel Brooch and Drop Earrings Representing Cantons of Switzerland
Georgian-Era, Topaz, Enamel and Gold Memorial Ring dated July 17, 1766
Georgian-Era, Painted Ivory, Enamel and Gold Memorial Ring Dated Nov. 29, 1774
Onyx, Diamond, Silver and Gold Pendant and Locket
Carved Coral Cameo, Natural Pearl and Gold Brooch
Opal, Siberian Amethyst, Chrysolite and Cannetille Gold Pendant Brooch
Sapphire, Diamond and Gold Snake Bypass Ring
Georgian Amethyst, Diamond, Silver and  Gold Drop Earrings
Georgian Amethyst, Diamond and Silver Festoon Necklace
Amethyst, Diamond, Silver and Gold Cluster Ring
Diamond, Pearl and Gold Bangle Bracelet
Sardonyx Cameo, Natural Seed Pearl  and Gold Brooch
Swiss Enamel Brooch of “Rebecca at the Well”  Set in Gold Frame with Egyptian Hieroglyphic Motifs
Green Tourmaline, Rose-Cut Diamond, Pearl  and Gold Brooch
Diamond, Opal and Gold Bypass Ring
Micromosaic of Vatican, Malachite and  Gold Brooch
Carved Coral Cameo Pendant Brooch

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