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Diamond, Gold and Platinum Bowknot  Brooch with Moveable Adjustments
Rhodochrosite, Diamond, Enamel, Gold and Platinum Boudoir Clock
Diamond, Gold and Platinum Horseshoe Stickpin
Burma Ruby, Diamond and Gold Cluster Ring
Demantoid Garnet, Pavé Diamond and Gold Frog Brooch
Carved Moonstone Cameo, Burma Ruby,  Diamond and Gold Baby in Bonnet Brooch
Chrome Blue Green Tourmaline, and Gold Heraldic Brooch
Amethyst, Seed Pearl and Gold Twin Heart Brooch
Sugarloaf-Cut Amethyst and Gold Brooch
Burma Ruby, Marquise-Cut Diamond, Diamond, Gold and Platinum Bracelet
Burma Ruby, Diamond and Platinum Necklace
Demantoid Garnet, Diamond and Gold Turtle Brooch
Pink Precious Topaz and Gold Cross Pendant
Demantoid Garnet, Diamonds and Gold Turtle Brooch
Burma Ruby, Diamond and Gold Pendant Brooch
Diamond, Emerald, Silver and Gold Snake Brooch
Diamond and Platinum Long Chain measuring 65 inches
Cushion-Cut Diamond, Silver and Gold Heart-Shaped Pendant Watch and Brooch
Aquamarine, Diamond, Pearl, Gold and Platinum Brooch

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