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Art Noveau

High-Karat Handwrought Gold Wedding Band
Chalcedony and Sterling Silver Cufflinks
Carved Ivory of a Child in a Garden and Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Carved Gold Link Bracelet
Burma Ruby, Diamond and Carved Gold Cufflinks
Diamond, Enamel and Gold Flower Brooch
Carved Gold Brooch Depicting Five Cherubs with a Chariot
Carved Agate Intaglio of Circe, Goddess of Fertility and Crops, and Gold Ring
Lapis Lazuli and Hand Hammered Sterling Silver Dove Stickpin
Sterling Silver Medallion Brooch
Turquoise, Ruby, Diamond, and Carved Gold  Double Snake Brooch
Sterling Silver Hand Hammered Deer Brooch
Multi-Colored Gold Bracelet  Depicting the Four Arts
Zircon, Natural Pearl, and Gold Arts and Crafts  Necklace
Zircon, Natural Pearl, and Gold Arts and Crafts  Necklace
Carved Gold Gothic-Revival Brooch
Gothic-Revival, Diamond, Platinum and Carved Gold Lion Pendant
Amethyst, Platinum and Gold Pendant
Enamel and Gold Nymph Brooch
Gold Stickpin of Jeanne d’Arc

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